Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just another Saturday night....

So today has been such a great day!

It started off with the hustle and bustle of getting me and the 4 kiddos out the door by 8:45.....which on the weekend can be tough...and I actually had to be showered, dressed and with makeup on and hair did we do it?  YES!  Thanks to the help of my sweet husband we were loaded and on the road.

Off we went to Moore....I dropped the boys off with my dad and KK and I went off to help host my sister-in-laws baby shower!  She is expecting a sweet baby girl, Aeryn, in a few weeks and today she was showered with lots and LOTS of pink.  This is her second kiddo but her first little girl.  It was so fun to see all the bows and frills!  I had a blast seeing her and some ladies that I don't get to see on a regular basis.

After that I kicked my feet up at my parents house and watched a truly awful Bedlam basketball game....but that is ok....we will get them next time:)

Then on my way home, on my 45 minute drive, the boys snoozed and I made the mental list of everything that needed to be done upon walking in the door.  So after I unloaded the boys and fixed dinner...I started to go into full on "to-do" list mode...only to be followed by three little boys..."whatcha doing mom?", "hold me momma", "watch this momma" after I began to respond with the "I am busy" answer...I told everyone to grab jammies and meet back in the living room....about 10 minutes later we were piled on the couch, cartoons and blankets on:). That is where we stayed for the next hour and a half.

I have now put the boys to bed and I am watching Miss America and having a beer....and wondering how it is possible that Brooke Burke looks so amazing after 4 kiddos.....good times :)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello there :) it has been a REALLY long time since I posted...basically I just kept thinking I would write a post and I kept putting it off...but tonight I felt like throwing a few random thoughts together in the hopes that I will get back into the habit :)

So my kids are HUGE....literally....Katelyn is half way done with Pre-K, I am 8 weeks away from enrolling the Carter and Bryce in Pre-K and Austin is this little guy with an opinion about is absolutely INSANE to me!

I could spend forever trying to catch up, however, I will simply start from here and try to document what goes on from now on...or at least attempt :)

Like I said, tonight is here are my thoughts:

1.  Laundry...I detest laundry...I will seriously never, EVER be done....I am willing to wash and dry all day....however, the folding and putting away is a whole other I am currently surrounded by clean, unfolded clothes...oh well.

2.  Tuesday is one of my favorite days...KK has all day school and Carter and Bryce are in school for a couple of hours, so I have Austin all to myself.  He is such a joy to be around...he is such a talker.  We had a couple of errands to run and he justs chit chats like such a big boy.  He makes me smile!  Then on top of that, the boys stay with my parents each Tuesday so after I pick KK up from school it is just girls night!  We color, paint our nails, eat dinner together and do a little cleaning.  Tonight was so sweet....I walked into her room while she was wiping it down and she is so OCD with her her age I wiped around things...she takes everything off the shelf and cleans under everything and around everything.  Way better than I was at her age :)

3.  2013....I cannot believe it is 2013...I had my planner writing in upcoming dates and everyone's birthdays for year...and it hit 2013 we will be celebrating Carter and Bryce turning 4, Katelyn turning 6 and Austin turning 3....impossible....I will also be crib-less and diaper-free this year...I can't decide if I should celebrate or cry...where did my babies go??

4.  I have had two amazing God moments this week....the kind that when I would pray or have something on my heart, and then I actually shut up long enough to hear His response.  That is usually my problem....the not listening...:)  So, he has left me with two things that I am going to put into action and pray about this year.  1) family has had some recent changes that have hit me like a ton of a few days ago I woke up with that feeling in my stomach...the knots and uncomfortable sinking feeling....and I couldn't get my mind off of everything that was wrong and how I could "fix-it" and just a pity party for myself really....and then God placed on my heart to look not fixate myself on what is going on in my life that is terrible but to trust in God and His timing and to focus on Him and His truth and be a servant to others.  It is really hard to be anxious with all that is wrong in your life when you focus on others and how you can help.  My default mode is to be anxious...something I plan on working on this year....2)  Parenting....I am at fault here that most time I want my kids to act a certain a sense of fitting a mold or doing what I say...and not that there shouldn't be rules, of course, but I am not wanting my kids to detour from discovering their special qualitites and talents that God has given them because they are too busy pleasing me instead of Him.  That was the question God put on my heart....Candace, how can they please me if they are worried about pleasing you?  I pray that my  goals for my children's lives can be aligned with God's goals and paths for their lives.  I want to show my children that they are God's children and loved and I am just blessed enough to get to take care of them.  His word is the only word.

5.  Debt-Free in 2013 - or working on it!  So our family is on a much needed frugal way of living for 2013 - cutting out going out to eat, excess in any way (selling things like crazy!!), no new clothes...except the kiddos of course who grow out of everything within 6 weeks :)  and making the decision to take care of debt we got ourselves into by buying things we don't need.  Please pray for is going to be difficult and with 4 kiddos who knows what unknowns might be thrown our here is to making it happen :)

6.  TV the effort to have less expenses we opted out of Cable and went the Netflix/Hulu route and I am LOVING to watch this season stuff...and watch old stuff which I think is the best!  I just started watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning....I forgot how much I loved the show back then!  So good...and then of course I have got myself hooked to more shows that I try out and end up having to watch the whole season LOL...the only thing we miss about sports :(  but totally worth the savings!

Ok....since I know this was random...but it feels good to write down some thoughts...I would love to post a recent pic of the kiddos...but that would require me actually downloading them off my camera :)  That will be tomorrow!

Good night :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Team USA

Man I LOVE the Olympics...I can't help it..I get all kinds of patriotic and feel so...well...American :)  I tear up when I see us on the podium and hear the National Anthem...I got so engulfed in women's table tennis a couple of days ago...I know, right?  Table tennis...but it got intense...

So as you can imagined I have been pushing this love of the US on the kiddos to watch these games with me...and they are loving it :)  Katelyn loved watching the gymnastics and the boys are really enjoying I caught them the other cute!! 

I hope you are enjoying the games :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random thoughts today...

So hello again...checking back in to record a few of my favorite things today....

1.  We got our family pics back and I LOVE them...our friend, Chris Fox, did an AMAZING job...he is so great with the kiddos and has the most patience.  I also love his style...capturing great pics..and even better, great moments...

2.  Grocery really is the little things...I had just a few items to re-stock so it was nice that I could run in and out in the amount of time it would normally take me to unload 4 kiddos out of car seats and walk to the sliding doors :)  Thanks to my parents :)

3.  My sweet, sweet pup...Sutton went to the groomer today and got all pretty...LOVE HER...all she has done since she got home is sleep :)

4.  My kiddos tonight before bedtime were so fun to listen too...they kept playing super hero...they even called me a super here (insert BIG smile) and they were helping each other in all kinds of made up KK's cat needed to be rescued so her super hero brothers came to the rescue...wish I would have gotten a pic of Bryce's super hero pose :)  Then after prayer book time when it was time for hugs...they kept saying, "Hey superhero sissy...give me hugs!"  It was crazy cute!

5.  Hearing Austin say anything makes my heart smile...really really BIG...he says "Thank You" all the is precious!

6.  Pretty Little Liars is my new it is good!  Watched seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix and caught up to season 3 :)  Yay!

7.  We are preparing to head out of town in a couple of weeks...going to San Antonio for a little family vacay!!  I cannot wait to go on water rides, see Shamu and just get out of this zip code!

8.  My daughter starts school in 3 weeks...YIKES!  I am so not ready...when did she grow up!!

Well that is all I got for today :) 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just walking around....

So once a week the kiddos stay the night at my parents house....yep...all 4 kiddos head on down to Granny and Papa's to hang out and mom and dad get a night to just hang out.  Truly is a blessing...however, tonight, Kev had to work and I knew I was coming home to an extremely messy house after a late night of family pics and an early morning of getting out to work/school. 

So I headed home and grabbed the ipad for mindless tv on Netflix (it may or may not have been The Hills....)  and started moving room to room picking up, wiping down and vacuuming each room.  Honestly, when I heard the door open and Kevin walked in, I couldn't believe how much time had flown by...and how many episodes of The Hills I had listened too....:)

But by the end of the evening, the house seemed to be in working order and smelled MUCH better, thank you Scentsy (vanilla suede...anyone use it??  I LOVED it!)  I was walking through the kids hall of the house putting up laundry right before piling up in bed and noticed that my empty house is still so full....I saw 4 little beds with lovey's and blankets...and all I could think about was how quiet it was without the kiddos home.  I also began thinking how incredibly blessed I am....actually became overwhelmed...

I have such ridiculous complaints sometimes...useless worries...So it was so nice that the Lord gave me the quietness of an evening to take it all in...all the things that I can give thanks for...I actually had a smile on my face as I cleaned and enjoyed the time I had to spend in thought of what the Lord has provided and taking joy in the fact that I have a home to clean, enough clothes that I have laundry to do for each of us, food to cook, and 4 little beds to make to tuck them in each night.  These little people that have such an incredible amount of joy for life...why would I want to lead with an example of worry?? 

So tonight I will give thanks for what I have been blessed with and ask for the strength to find joy and goodness in all ups and downs and hand my worries over to God.  

Ready for these little beds to be full :) 

I hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone enjoys celebrating with the "Fathers" in their lives!!!!

We sure do love ours:)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DVR lovin'....

So I will admit it...I LOVE me some television....Kev and I use it as late night date nights, if you will....after the kids go to sleep we like to pile up and start looking through our DVR...we get a little crazy with how many shows we actually try to keep up with :)

So, one that we are sad to see go....One Tree Hill...I have watched this show since the beginning...and when Kev and I started dating I got him hooked :)  It really had a little bit of, laughs, crazy people and death, fires, kidnappings, babies, marriages, ended really well and I felt good about it...nothing is more annoying than loving a show only to have it end in a way that you didn't want it like leaving a bad taste in your mouth...

Our new show of the year...The Firm...LOVE IT!  I am hooked and sad to know that it is not going to have another season...but honestly feel like they can tie it all up pretty well in one season.  We are loving it and followed it on each of the four nights that it has moved too :)  That is dedication...

My teeny bopper shows....Gossip Girl and 90210...kinda embarrassed to say it...but I don't miss either show...they have such cheesy love triangles and ridiculous is mindless...this Kev will not this is usually background while I put on makeup in the morning :)

Reality fun....Well, I liked watching the Voice auditions...but then lost interest...but I am hooked on American Idol...pretty sure it is one of the best seasons...I may or may not have a crush on Phillip Phillips...I know, what am I?  Fourteen?  Anyway...I do enjoy seeing all the talent...they are crazy good :)  Watched a little bit of Dance Moms, Biggest Loser, Fashion Star....too much really...but honestly, The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance is around the corner....

Oldies but goodies...Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice....just can't help but watch both... you are probably are thinking I have been holed up watching Tv and not blogging....kinda true :)